14 - 15. September


About the performance

ReDoing GENDER 2.0 is a solo work that is an ever-ending state of change.

In this solo Constantinou challenges patriarchal masculinities in a measure to question normative and non normative male gender roles. From classical sculptures of male ideals, a gender confused ape, feminized frolics, a box headed individual, to a full blown crying baby with a mans body. ReDoing GENDER is filled with intense imagery that displays one mans search for an identity amid the gaze of a patriarchal society.

ReDoing GENDER 2.0 is a solo work that is an ever-ending state of change. To date this solo work has been presented in 2 previous forms titled ReDoing GENDER 1.0 and ReDoing GENDER 1.5. As it titled suggests, this solo (over the course of 3 years) is continuously revised, re-done then re-presented to audience’s in its new evolved form. For the GENDERhouse Festival ReDoing GENDER evolves into its third and final form 2.0. For this last instalment Andreas Constantinou passes his solo material over to performer Aris Papadopoulos as together they return to the studio to re-devise, re-think and ReDO the performative GENDER.

Awards and Achievements:
Rewarded by the Danish Scholarship Committee at The Danish Arts Council in 2014 for an outstanding performance made in Denmark.

“ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is a one man show that challenges gender construction to such an extent that it feels to narrow too be called a one man show.”
– XQ28, Denmark

★★★★★ “ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is a production of thought that will challenge and interrogate you as an audience member. I leave the production disturbed by the brutality, but moreover shocked at the effectiveness of the content performed, during this evening of questioning gender.”
- Theatre Fullstop, London, UK  

★★★★★  “A sharp political spectacle where gender debates take focus.”- Ungt Teater Blod

★★★★★ “Sometimes a little too much, crossing the boarders, crossing lines yet utterly wonderful, ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is certainly something worth experiencing. It will give rise to discussion and reflection.”- 5 Stjerner (blog)

★★★★ “It is incredible how much control Andreas Constantinou has over his own body. This is art on the highest level. The finest thing about the performance is that it lives in the memory long after the show is done.” - Kulturtid



About the artist

Himherandit Productions are an award-winning company that have been creating cutting edge performances since 2002 with artistic direction by Andreas Constantinou.

In 2013 Himherandit Productions ignited a six year performance project titled The GENDERhouse Projects. The GENDERhouse projects are a series of yearly performances and community projects that span out between 2013-2018 around topics of gender, sexuality and identity. To date these yearly performances have great success with extensive international touring and critical responses.

Most recently in 2017 the 6th performance of The GENDERhouse titled WoMAN & WOMAN was nominated for a Reumert Award for best dance performance in Denmark. In 2015 and 2016 Himherandit Productions were named one of the 20 most exciting emerging dance companies in Europe with selection of their performances The WOMANhouse and WOMAN at Aerowaves16 and Aerowaves17 and in 2015 and 2016. Two performance awards were gained for the performances of ReDoing GENDER and The WOMANhouse from the Danish Arts Foundation Scholarship Committee. Now Himherandit Productions bring you GARDEN which is their 7th performance included in The GENDERhouse series.



Title of work: ReDoing Gender 2.0
Artist/Company name: Himherandit Productions
Country company is based in: Aarhus, Denmark
Performance venue: Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Big Stage
Dates: 14 - 15. September
Time: 19:30 - 20:15




Director/Choreographer: Andreas Constantinou
Performers: Aris Papadopoulo
Scenography and Light Design: Jeppe Cohrt
Music: Vivaldi, PJ Harvey