22 - 23. September


About the workshop

Blaue Frau workshops have been held throughout Scandinavia over the past four years. In the workshops performance arts are approached with a theme of anti-racism and norm-criticism. The workshops are free of charge and open to everyone, not only professionals, and held in english. 

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The workshop is hosted by Juli Apponen who is an artist working predominantly with various forms of performance and choreography. She produces and tours internationally with several co-operations and projects as well as her own solos – as director, choreographer, writer and performer. She has been a guest teacher and lecturer at the Norwegian Theater Academ. Based on the autobiographical she has created several renowned performances as her performance lecture Life is hard and then you die - part 3 or the choreography Everything Remains in collaboration with Jon Skulberg. In 2017 she directed and toured with the critically acclaimed Blind Boi Diaries with and about dancer Sindri Runudde. Juli Apponen is originally from Finland and now based mostly in Sweden. 

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About Blaue frau

Blaue Frau is a Finnish feminist theatre duo whose emphasis is norm-criticism. Blaue Frau is Sonja Ahlfors & Joanna Wingren. The duo was established in 2005 after Sonja and Joanna took part in the Nordic drag group Sub Frau ( Blaue Frau has toured the Nordic countries and Europe with different workshops and productions. Last year their book “Någon hatar oss igen” (Someone hates us again) was published together with illustrator Johan Isaksson.

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Title of work: Blaue Frau - workshop
Workshop leader: Juli Apponen
Performance venue: Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater
Dates: 22 - 23. September
Times of workshop: 10:00 – 15:00 (Saturday and Sunday – one hour lunch break included)
Registration/sign up email: 
Info: Please sign up no later then the 15th September to the above email address.



Nordisk Kulturfonden, Norden"