5. September


About the performance

Natasha Brock has, like a lot of women, her period, but she can’t seem to understand the whole thing about the cycle. With PMS, pains, uncontrollable bleeding, mood changes, prejudice and taboo, is there even anything to laugh about? Laugh, cry or get mad (maybe all at once), when Natasha tries to figure, what the heck happens to our psyche, when we suffer the curse of Eve.


About the artist

Natasha has been doing stand-up for 6 years, this is her second show.  Her material is based on her everyday life, but don’t let yourself be fooled by her kind persona, because blue material is not uncommon for Natasha, yet it is delivered with a understated charm. 




Title of work: Psyklus
Artist/Company name: Natasha Brock
Performance venue: Teatret Svalegangen
Dates: 5. September
Time: 20:00 - 21:00