5. September


About the show

Like most women, Sanne Søndergaard has a strained relationship with control. Too little control is like chaos and unwanted pregnancy. In case of too much control, no one can seem to be with such an "emsig kælling" (busy bitch).
In this small 50-minute show, Sanne Søndergaard tests her need of control. She actually tests exactly how much control she will have on her upcoming solo show, 'Control Looser'.


About Sanne søndergaard

Sanne Søndergaard is a standup comedian and author. Her shows 'Sindsyge Kælling'(Crazy Bitch), 'Woman?' And 'Mandehader?'(Man Hater) have been released for streaming. She has published four books and is also giving humorous lectures on, among other things, adult bullying.




Title of work: Kontroltest
Artist: Sanne Søndergaard
Performance venue: Teatret Svalegangen, Lille scene
Dates: 5. September - SOLD OUT
Times: 18:00 - 18:50