31. August  - 12. September


about the exhibition

Over the course of the last six-years each GENDERhouse chapter has been documented through photography, video and writings.  

In 2013 HHAI began The GENDERhouse projects: a six-year project created to disseminate topics of gender through a series of developing artistic chapters.  These chapters have included 7 professional performances, 3 community engagement projects, and 3 exhibitions that have been produced between 2013-2018. 

Over the course of the last six-years each GENDERhouse chapter has been documented through photography, video and writings. This retrospective Exhibition now brings together a selection of behind the scenes to on the stage footage and creates an overview of a body of work created over the past six-years, and the development of HHAI’s unique artistic language.


About the artist

Himherandit Productions are an award-winning company that have been creating cutting edge performances since 2002 with artistic direction by Andreas Constantinou.

In 2013 Himherandit Productions ignited a six year performance project titled The GENDERhouse Projects. The GENDERhouse projects are a series of yearly performances and community projects that span out between 2013-2018 around topics of gender, sexuality and identity. To date these yearly performances have great success with extensive international touring and critical responses.

Most recently in 2017 the 6th performance of The GENDERhouse titled WoMAN & WOMAN was nominated for a Reumert Award for best dance performance in Denmark.In 2015 and 2016 Himherandit Productions were named one of the 20 most exciting emerging dance companies in Europe with selection of their performances The WOMANhouse and WOMAN at Aerowaves16 and Aerowaves17 and in 2015 and 2016. Two performance awards were gained for the performances of ReDoing GENDER and The WOMANhouse from the Danish Arts Foundation Scholarship Committee. Now Himherandit Productions bring you GARDEN which is their 7th performance included in The GENDERhouse series.




Title of work: The GENDERhouse Retrospective Exhibition
Artist/Company name: Himherandit Productions
Country company is based in: Aarhus, Denmark
Performance venue: Godsbanen Foyer
Dates: 31. August  - 12. September
Time: Godsbanen Opening times.



Retrospective Exhibition:
Directors/Artists: Andreas Constantinou
Photography: Allan Hogholm