Talking GENDERS Senior Exhibition / Landscapes

31. August - 25. September


about the exhibition

The Talking GENDERS Senior Exhibition showcases a brand new seven screen video installation titled “Landscapes” installed in the beautiful view room at Dokk1.

Landscapes is a contemporary video art installation that resembles an ancient megalithic monument.  Seven large video monoliths stand in a circular formation. Spectators are invited to stand in the middle of the installation and witness a visual poetry that combines moving images and surrounding soundscape. 

A collection of elderly bodies become visible on the seven screens and become an ambiguous panoramic landscape. The peripheries of the seven individuals become silhouettes that mirror hills, mountains, deserts and an overall vacant environment that pulsates’ with breath.   

Gradually identities are revealed as the seven monoliths display seven diverse moving portraits.  

Landscapes’ redesigns the way we view and experience aging bodies and identities today. The installation features seven different LGBTQIA+ seniors from around Europe and celebrates their bodies and portraits in the form of a public artwork. 

The installation offers maximum visibility for the LGBTQIA+ senior community, who are often under-represented in our social climate.




Title of exhibition: : Talking GENDERS Senior Exhibition / Landscapes
Title of installation: Landscapes
Artist/Company name: Himherandit Productions
Performance venue: Dokk1 / The View
Dates: 31. August - 25. September
Time: Dokk1 opening hours



Directors/Artists: Andreas Constantinou, Dagmara Bilon
Video Artist: Christoffer Brenke
Editing: Christoffer Brenke
Performers: Manuela Solvez, Leslie Stuart Tate, Geoffrey Lilley, Carol Mcintosh, Henning Silberg, Troels Jørgensen, Mary-Ann Næsted Nilsen, Teresa Albor
Installation Artist: Jeppe Cohrt
Music: Marlou Vriens