The GENDERhouse Festival 2018

The GENDERhouse Festival takes Aarhus by storm this September and brings you a month long arts festival that address’s themes of genders, sexualities and identities today.  We ask what’s queer? Is it here? Are we used to it? 

Our program spreads between a wide range of Aarhus’s cultural venues. We join forces with theatres, museums, libraries, local art schools and production houses to present a selection of diverse artistic work that is at once immediate yet nuanced. From cutting edge international and local performances, exhibitions, community engagement projects, seminars and workshops, our festival encourages you to engage with works of art that are bold, daring and unafraid of non-conforming expressions. 

We support local, national and international artists, emerging and established, by presenting their voices in our GENDERhouse program.  

We welcome the stirring, exciting and thrilling works of Lucy McCormick (UK), Travis Alabanza (UK), Dagmara Bilon (PL/UK), Tone Lorenzen (DK), Hilde Sandvold (DK), a selection of works by Himherandit (DK) and many more. 
We encourage audiences from all genders, sexualities and diverse identities to engage in our festivals content. So take a deep breath, knock on The GENDERhouse door come join the fun.

The GENDERhouse festival is in its first edition and is led by Himherandit productions with co-production by Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater.