31. August  - 27. September


about the exhibition

Talking GENDERS Youth Exhibition queers the walls, halls and staircases of the womans museum with an artistic take over that consists of bold and daring multi media art works by a selection of young artists aged 16-26 recruited from Denmark, France and U.K. Each of the young artists works tackle themes of gender, sexuality and identity from youthful perspectives. The exhibition features photography, video and sound installations that give visibility to young artists living in todays’ society.

The Talking GENDERS Youth Exhibition is the result of three international community engagement projects led by Himherandit Productions in Denmark, France and U.K between 2016-2017, titled Talking GENDERS Youth Projects.

These three community engagement projects recruited young persons to take part in intensive artist development programs where young persons engaged in intensive workshops and artistic mentoring facilitated by professional guest artists. The results were an astounding collection of 33 diverse artworks that are now for the first time being brought together for this collective exhibition that show cases the talents of the young artists works from France, Denmark and U.K.


About the artist

Himherandit Productions are an award-winning company that have been creating cutting edge performances since 2002 with artistic direction by Andreas Constantinou.

In 2013 Himherandit Productions ignited a six year performance project titled The GENDERhouse Projects. The GENDERhouse projects are a series of yearly performances and community projects that span out between 2013-2018 around topics of gender, sexuality and identity. To date these yearly performances have great success with extensive international touring and critical responses.

Most recently in 2017 the 6th performance of The GENDERhouse titled WoMAN & WOMAN was nominated for a Reumert Award for best dance performance in Denmark. In 2015 and 2016 Himherandit Productions were named one of the 20 most exciting emerging dance companies in Europe with selection of their performances The WOMANhouse and WOMAN at Aerowaves16 and Aerowaves17 and in 2015 and 2016. Two performance awards were gained for the performances of ReDoing GENDER and The WOMANhouse from the Danish Arts Foundation Scholarship Committee. Now Himherandit Productions bring you GARDEN which is their 7th performance included in The GENDERhouse series.




Title of work: Talking GENDERS Youth Exhibition
Artist/Company name: Himherandit Productions
Country company is based in: Aarhus, Denmark
Performance venue: The Women's Museum
Dates: 31. august  - 27. September
Time: Womans Museum Opening times



Directors&Artistic Mentors: Andreas Constantinou/Dagmara Bilon/Ida Frost

Curator: Dagmara Bilon

Guest Teachers: Christoffer Brekne, Noelia Mora Selvez, Rikke Hansen, Jeppe Cohrt, Lucy McCormick, Travis Alabanza, Nicola Hunter, Rachel Cherry, Laura Hemming Lowe

Artists:Tone Haldrup Lorenzen,Nick Finegan,Noe Warren, Daisy Beamont, Caroline Desmet, David Hanagan, Chaz Howkins, Colin Lievens, Mathias Hvidberg Jorgensen, Ditte Johanne Krogh Bertelsen, Rosa Carmel Vrij, Isabella Ardoleda Tovar, Sara-Jeanine Heidenstrom, Signe Heinfell Tolboll, Nanna Bjerre-Christensen Guilmette Dhem, Lamia Chakroun, Chloe Grep, Chloe Vendrome, Emma Fichelle, Ines Pastille, Eva Decrois, Theo Serra, Camille Guenebeaud