The GENDERhouse Festival 2018

The GENDERhouse Festival takes Aarhus by storm this September and brings you a month long arts festival that address’s themes of genders, sexualities and identities today.  We ask what’s queer? Is it here? Are we used to it? 

Our program spreads between a wide range of Aarhus’s cultural venues. We join forces with theatres, museums, libraries, local art schools and production houses to present a selection of diverse artistic work that is at once immediate yet nuanced. From cutting edge international and local performances, exhibitions, community engagement projects, seminars and workshops, our festival encourages you to engage with works of art that are bold, daring and unafraid of non-conforming expressions. 

We support local, national and international artists, emerging and established, by presenting their voices in our GENDERhouse program.  

We welcome the stirring, exciting and thrilling works of Lucy McCormick (UK), Travis Alabanza (UK), Dagmara Bilon (PL/UK), Tone Lorenzen (DK), Hilde Sandvold (DK), a selection of works by Himherandit (DK) and many more. 
We encourage audiences from all genders, sexualities and diverse identities to engage in our festivals content. So take a deep breath, knock on The GENDERhouse door come join the fun.

The GENDERhouse festival is in its first edition and is led by Himherandit productions with co-production by Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater.



Himherandit Productions

Himherandit Productions are one of the in house companies co-produced by Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater and is led by artistic director, performer and choreographer Andreas Constantinou.

In 2013 Himherandit Productions began a six-year performance program titled The GENDERhouse projects, a large project that has contained yearly performances, exhibitions and community engagement programs that spanned out between 2013-2018. These developing projects have each addressed different themes of gender, sexuality and identity of today.

The GENDERhouse projects have had great success with immense critical and audience responses through out Europe, two rewards by the Danish Arts Foundation for Redoing GENDER (2014) and The WOMANhouse (2015), and selected as one of Europe’s twenty most exciting emerging dance companies at Aerowaves16 and again at Aerowaves17.  

In 2017 Himherandit Productions was nominated for a Reumert in the category Best dance performance in Denmark 2017 with WoMAN&WOMAN, and in December 2017 Himherandit Productions’ performance GARDEN was listed as one of Denmark’s top ten best performances by Den 4. Væg.

Himherandit Productions has toured extensively with a wide variation of The GENDERhouse performances venturing into over 26 European destinations including some of Europe’s leading dance theatres such as: The Place in London (UK), Chaillot Theatre National de la Danse in Paris (FR), and Mercat de le flors in Barcelona (SP).

Now for The GENDERhouse Festival, Himherandit Productions presents an extended body of work developed over the past six-years alongside invited guest artists/companies working with themes of gender, sexuality and identity to spark artistic discourse and inject “otherness” into the cities cultural landscape.

See more at www.himherandit.com


Mission and Vision

Himherandit Productions artistic vision is rigorous, with a high ambition to make performance projects that push, provoke and engage audiences into a discourse around important subjects. To achieve this Himherandit Productions believe in an artistic freedom not compromised by popular culture but instead seek to address important themes and show audiences that performance can be a space for reflection, spark dialogue and question the world we live in. 

Himherandit Productions develop meaningful performances for presentation locally, nationally and internationally, and aim to create a space for the marginalized, disregarded, diverse and queer, bringing important subject matters such as gender, sexuality and identity to the for front of dialogue. To do this Himherandit Productions practice extends into an ongoing developing artistic, social and academic research that results into performances, exhibitions and community engagement projects, promoting social change through art. Himherandit Productions endeavor to touch people's lives through performance practice and to be un-shy when addressing topical subjects.